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Jody Nicole Cruzan, MBA, BSE: Strategic Business Developer ★ Visionary ★ Entrepreneur

J. Nicole Cruzan's Bio:

J. Nicole Cruzan, BSE, MBA


Nicole is a visionary. For over 15 years, she has successfully “connected the dots”, identified market sweet spots and captured profit in diverse markets. Rigorous environments requiring attention to detail and prompt analytical decision-making are where she thrives.

In '99, Nicole began her career in construction management, having earned a Civil Engineering degree from UC Berkeley. As the "dot com" market began its decline, recognizing a shift from private commercial to public healthcare, she helped Contractors capture and manage projects spanning from $100M to $2.8B. She mastered bringing schematic ideas of complex hospitals to life, negotiating contracts, developing and managing schedules, budgets and directing diverse, cross-functional teams. She gained in-depth knowledge of medical devices and their competitive landscape. In ‘06, after receiving a prestigious award from the Project Management Institute for completing a complex, state-of-the-art hospital 60-days ahead of schedule, Nicole decided to strengthen her business acumen & pursue her MBA.

As the construction industry slumped further, in ’08, Nicole shifted focus and leveraged her skills at Fortune companies, Sony and Philips. At Sony, she identified the use of their lasers as a competitive advantage in the medical diagnostic device market, and authored Sony Biotechnology’s business plan. This earned her a promotion to SonyStyle direct sales where she increased TV sales seven-fold via targeted social media campaigns, initiated MAP pricing, and improved their supply chain using a weekly CPFR model. At Philips, she increased sales with global distributors, achieved 120% ROI on promotions, and grew SKU count in retailers by 20%. When Philips exited the industry, Nicole joined Johnson Electric, and starting from zero, established and managed $169M contracts with companies, such as Sony, Philips, Siemens, Abbott & CareFusion. 

Today, she enjoys helping small ventures expand their reach,

  • Project Management
  • Upstream Marketing
  • Vertical Growth Strategies
  • Product Development
  • Financial Modeling


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J. Nicole Cruzan's Interests & Activities:

Golf, Water Polo, Swimming, Habitat for Humanity

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